Location Location Location

To successfully launch your existing company into the U.S. market you must locate an office or retail space in the best possible location –one that offers you the best opportunity for success! Lanick offers you Licensed Agent who understands the E-2 Visa requirements to assist with the leasing process

  • Finding the perfect location begins with an understanding of your target market and where they live, work, and play (Psychographics).
  • An ideal location must demonstrate certain characteristic that immigration will see as sustainable  and  demonstrates potential growth and profitability
  • Remember that, although you will put down a deposit, your lease needs to be contingent upon the issuance of your visa
  • Once you find, and successfully negotiate your lease, you must start purchasing everything you need to run the business. All invoices and receipts must be submitted with your case to prove you have spent the investment capital needed to open your new business.

L1 Visa and E1 Visa Startup Business Expenses

Our team will work with you to find your location, negotiate the terms of your lease contract, and then guide you through the process of purchasing the needed FF&E to get your business ready to open.