EB5 Green Card

EB5 visaLanick provides business services to individuals seeking to invest in the EB5 Green Card program.  Depending on what you choose, the EB5 Direct or EB5 Regional Center Model (Indirect), we have a comprehensive program designed to help you successfully immigrate to the U.S.

Outline of the EB5 Green Card Model

  • You must invest at least $500,000 (in a rural or high unemployment area or $1,000,000 in an economically viable / low unemployment area.
  • The investment must be in either a new business or going concern that will create at least 10 new full-time jobs.
  • This business must verify two years of W-2 employee wages before a green card will be issued.
  • A provisional visa is granted to the investor during this 2 year period allowing the investor to move to the US with his/ her family during these two years.
  • The investor may borrow funds, or use their own funds for the project; however, if borrowing funds, the business cannot be used as collateral for the loan.
  • The value of the purchase in real estate, equipment, machinery, and inventory is counted towards the overall investment requirement.
  • The investment capital must stay in the business for at least five (5) years to keep the green card status

Green Card Program Support