Business Plan Writing

business plan writing

While a business plan is a vital part of the process for financing and treaty visa and green card approval, it is also a business “best practice” tool because it defines your company’s strategies, your market, your operations, your financial needs and your expectations. It offers insightful information often learned through the research portion of building your plan. It opens your eyes to an ever greater potential (when the business plan is properly written and researched).

The development of the business plan requires intense research, rational, and proof.  Most often -and commonly the most important of all- is that your business plan is your company’s first impression!

A business plan is the blueprint to your company’s future and required for many business activities:

  • Bank Financing – SBA Guarantees, Bank Approvals & Micro Lending
  • Investment Opportunities -Venture Capital, Angel Investors, or Equity Partners
  • Visa Purposes – E2 Visa, L1 Visa, E2 Visa, H1B Visa
  • EB5 Green Cards –Direct & Regional Center Programs

An investor, a banker, or an USCIS  investigator has the power to say yes or no to your plan. A “yes” moves you forward, a “no” can stop you in your tracks. A well written plan is just that important.

Therefore, it should be written by a professional. Business plan writing is not the time to experiment with your skills. Not when your business’s or immigration success depends on it.

Lanick’s business plans are written first and foremost for the reader. That is because your plan, while being your blueprint, also needs to impress, inspire, and grab the attention of the one you are presenting it to!

Lanick Offers

Immigration Business Plans

  1. E2 Visa Business Plans
  2. E1 Visa Business Plan
  3. L1A Visa Business Plans
  4.  EB5 Green Card Plans
  5. Feasibility Studies
    1. For H1 B Approvals
    2. For EB5 Green Card Approvals

Domestic Plans

  1. SBA Guarantee Plans
  2. Micro Lending Plans
  3. Investor Grade Plans
  4. Pitch Decks