• Treaty Visa Business Services

    Using methods and tools developed to assist well over 4,600 American entrepreneurs, Lanick’s Treaty Visa program supports immigrants with actualizing their “American” Dream” with a nearly seamless … Continue Reading

    Treaty Visa Business Services
  • Business Plan Writing

    While a business plan is a vital part of the process for financing and treaty visa and green card approval, it is also a business “best practice” tool because it defines your company’s strategies, … Continue Reading

    Business Plan Writing
  • Company Setup

    Lanick offers comprehensive entity formation services in all 50 States. Ours services include the entire company set-up process, meaning ALL forms needed to get your business up and running. Most … Continue Reading

    Company Setup
  • Business Coaching & Consulting Service

    As consultants, specializing in new business startup and small business development, keeping you on course to reaching your goals is our primary objective. Our consulting and coaching services are … Continue Reading

    Business Coaching & Consulting Service